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And here they are to get to the Rural Market of Parma directly from Pontremoli, the delicious home-made spelt in the Lunigiana Alessandra Marietti. The tradition of the Lunigiana wants the testarolo is seasoned with the pesto, but it is also great with cheese and extra virgin olive oil. In ancient times, the testarolo, once cooked, was dried and treated as dry pasta. Instead, today we eat fresh, eaten the day of preparation, bastthe anus a few seconds in boiling water: still less for that of spelt. The secret of the testarolo is in the simplicity of preparation and cooking in the texts of cast iron, which is typical of Pontremoli.
Producers: Alessandra Marietti and Fabrizio Botta, Testarolando www.testarolando.com info@testarolando.com