In September, the sixth edition of the festival of biodiversity

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 at the Agricola Rosa Dell'Angelo, in Rivalta di Lesignano De 'Bagni (Parma), the great open-air party dedicated to agricultural biodiversity is back. It is here that, in fact, that for the past six years farmers and ranchers have been meeting at the end of summer as keepers of Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and, since last year, also of Liguria engaged in the recovery and preservation of animal races and now rare plant varieties. Two unmissable days for young and old to touch this great rural heritage of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, offered by those who with difficulty but also with great passion, allow us to rediscover authentic flavors. This is the motto of those who adhere to the Rural project: "go back to move forward and look to the future". About forty producers will participate - some for the first time - with raw materials and biodiversity products such as black pork ham, Cornigliese sheep kebabs, fresh Cinta Senese meat, wheat bread from the Miracle and Marocca di Casola, polenta Formenton Ottofile Garfagnana, Lunigiana testaroli with spelled, ancient tomato Riccio di Parma pass, fresh Emilian pasta with Romagnola chicken eggs, Tortél Dóls with mustard, Quarantina Bianca potato pie, vegetables from the Albenga Plain, Borettana onions , wild herbs, Olivastra Seggianese oil, fresh donkey milk, unique cheeses from cattle and sheep, Zucchella plum jam, Leonessa barley coffee, organic honey, mountain apple cider, rare grapes and wines from ancient vines and much else. An exhibition-market but above all a unique direct experience of gastronomic culture in the Barboj Park nature reserve, where man and nature naturally coexist. There will be ancient animal breeds, so loved by children: from the Black pig to the Cornigliese sheep, from the Romagnolo donkey to the Bardigiano horse, from the Grigia d 'Appennino bovine calves to the Romagnola hen, from the Romagnole geese and ducks to the Parma and Piacenza turkey. The Festival will also host the protagonists of the rural campaign: Landini and Lamborghini-era tractor models produced between the Thirties and Fifties wisely restored, which will be set in motion by expert motorists to the delight of children but also of passionate adults. The ingredients to spend two festive days in the sign of agricultural biodiversity and conviviality, walking and getting lost in the large spaces of the protected park, are all there. Appointment then, also in case of bad weather (the display counters and many workstations are covered) for the weekend of 7 and 8 September to meet faces, stories and products that are protagonists of the Rural project. Free entry.

Rural Festival at the Agricultural Rosa dell'angelo, Via Torchio, 20, Rivalta di Lesignano De’ Bagni – Parma
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