At the rural market Parma capon of Morozzo

The capon of Morozzo is a local rooster in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont. As required by tradition and guaranteed by the Consortium's regulations, it must be raised on the ground, free in the farmyard or in pens with an area of at least 5 m² per head and fed with exclusively vegetable products. According to the recent regulations on animal welfare, immediately implemented by the Consortium breeders, the crests and wattles are no longer cut, as in the past. Since 1999 the The “Cappone di Morozzo” it was declared the first Slow Food Presidium which, with this initiative, intended to save and promote a qualitatively excellent food product and support the small economy of a country that has always linked its name to this animal. Its tender and delicate meats are an authentic delight for the table. Available the capon broth of Morozzo or baked in the Rural Market of Parma.