Rural Market

In Borgo Giacomo Tommasini 7, in the historic center of Parma, there is the Rural Market, a small market with an adjoining lab, where you can enjoy all year long the raw materials of agricultural biodiversity Tuscany, Emilia and Liguria. The Rural Market will rediscover ancient grains bread, organic whole raw milk cheeses Bardigiano horses cows spoke, the Apennine Grey, Ottonese and Bianca Val Padana, donkey milk, Romagna hen eggs, meats, Cinta And those black pigs reared outdoors, Morozzo, capponde stock the testaroli of Lunigiana with spelt, cornmeal formenton eight rows and organic tomato passata chestnuts of Lunigiana, Riccio di Parma, without filtration, grape jam ancient fruit mustards, organic honey in the Park Barboj, potato, pumpkin, courgette Trombetta Forty Violina, violet asparagus, herbs of Chianti, the stews and season passes ready, Fortana and Sangiovese, Perry Mountain apples and more. In season: violet artichoke d'albenga.



    B. go 43121 Parma 7 – Giacomo Tommasini,

    From Tuesday to Saturday, 9.30 – 13.30/17.00 – 20.00
    closed Sunday and Monday.

    Tel. 0521.237485 – 342.9128266


    V. the Venti Settembre, 11 – Radda in Chianti (SI)

    Open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 25 May to October
    10.00 – 13.30/16.00 – 20.00

    Tel. 0577.738989 - 342.9128266