Incoming l’the old tomato Urchin Parma

A little more than a couple of weeks it will arrive at the Rural Market, the protagonist of the summer: the old tomato Urchin Parma. Carlo Rognoni (1828-1904) was the agronomist parmesan cheese which first experimented with and introduced the rotation of agricultural cultivation of the tomato, and in 1867, a passionate farmer as he was, he began the cultivation in the open field of the Curl of Parma to “Mamiana”, his farm Panocchia. Today, thanks to the farmers, the custodians of the Hedgehogs who have taken up the cultivation, we can enjoy this ancient variety.
It is a tomato of medium to large size weighing 300-400 g and measure 7-10 cm in maximum diameter and has a height of 4-5 cm. Unlike other tomatoes, the tomato Urchin Parma is characterized by the presence of the bar patterns and the shoulder green. The fruits have good organoleptic characteristics, with good sugar levels. On the palate we can feel a slight acidic note that is countered by the strong sweetness characteristic of the variety. Has a medium firmness and a thin skin. Available soon at the Rural Market of Parma and Radda in Chianti.