The new Rural Market in Chianti

The products of the Tuscan-Emilian-Ligurian agricultural biodiversity have found a home in the new Rural Market open in the medieval town of Radda in Chianti (Siena) in a former machine shop recovered. To welcome the visitor two specimens of antique tractor well restored between the wooden benches that are alternated to the stands, but also a nature trail with explanatory panels manufacturer with its own history, from working in the fields to the finished product. These are small companies that have chosen the philosophy of producing less and better to save and enhance the many territorial identities in the name of biodiversity. An opportunity to rediscover the raw materials and products of agricultural biodiversity as Madani Casola (the chestnut bread of Lunigiana), organic whole raw milk cheeses spoke of cows of the elder races, the donkey's milk, the eggs of Chicken Romagna, meat and Cinta Senese and those black pigs reared outdoors, the testaroli of Lunigiana with spelt, cornmeal Formenton Garfagnana, barley ancient eight rows coffee roasted organic tomato puree, hedgehog Parma, the grape jam, without filtration and plum jam Zucchelle di Lentigione, organic honey in the Park Barboj, potato, courgette Trombetta and Forty White violet asparagus of Albenga, herbs from the kitchen of Chianti, the flask of Sangiovese, the mountain apple cider and much more. In addition to the Rural Market of Parma, now a reference point for a cost conscious with products of agricultural biodiversity, even Tuscany has today its Market which is open every weekend throughout the summer until October, from 10 am to 13.30 and from 16 to 20.

Rural Market Radda in Chianti:
Saturday and Sunday hours: 10 – 13.30/16 – 20
Viale Venti Settembre, 11 – Radda in Chianti (Siena)
Tel: 0577.738989/333.1239638