Rivalta to Rural Market The figs

Also this year in the protected area of ​​Rivalta, in Lesignano de 'Bagni, the warm sun brought the "fioroni", the fruits of the ancient variety of Dottato fig, a sweet gift from the beginning of summer. Green in color with light red flesh and honey flavor, it is also used for the production of dried figs. At the end of summer there will be a second and richer harvest, that of the so-called "supplied", both of the Dottato and of the other ancient variety present in Rivalta: the black Brogiotto. "The black Brogiotto seems to have been cultivated already in Roman times - explains Mauro Carboni, agronomist and agricultural biodiversity expert - and in the Renaissance it was often portrayed in still lifes". Its flesh is bright red, delicate and fragrant. The flavor is aromatic and very sweet. It is consumed fresh or in jams and is suitable for drying. Figs are an excellent energy source: rich in vitamins and draining minerals, they have laxative and anti-inflammatory properties. Another typical summer fruit and well known in our land is the Zucchella plum that will be available at the market in the coming weeks. Small and firm, it has an elongated shape, a reddish-violet skin and amber-yellow flesh. Juicy when ripe, it gives its best when it is turned into jam. We also find a small production of Rosso fig called this way because of the red wine-colored pulp. Variety hard to find.