Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September - the Rural Festival has an appointment in Rivalta (Lesignano de ' Bagni). An entire weekend that turns into a great opportunity for young and old, in those two days to see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears and feel with their own hands what can be called "agricultural biodiversity". The Rural Festival is an event that brings together the farmers, ranchers and stewards of Emilia, Tuscany and Liguria. With great effort and as much passion, every day they work to protect and save ancient plants and animal breeds that were widespread in our land in a not so distant past, a work that is arduous, quiet and patient. The Festival is the time when all the breeder and farmer custodians come to Rivalta themselves, to publicize the result of their work. A stroll to the Rural Festival means seeing the biodiversity in their faces, hearing the words of these farmers and ranchers, and savoring the authentic tastes.

at l’Agricola Rosa dell’Angelo
via Torchio, 20, Lesignano de ' Bagni (Parma)
info@rural.it 0521.237485 – 342.9128266
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