Dalla Liguria la zucchina Trombetta di Albenga

Directly from Albenga, Liguria, available in this period, including the raw materials for the Rural Market, is the zucchini Trombetta. Light green in color, it owes its name to the elongated shape and by the fact that, growing in the wild, it tends to backfire in the shape of a trumpet. In the final part of the zucchini are concentrated in the seeds, and then almost its totality is composed of solid flesh and firm, suitable for this in many preparations in the kitchen. From savory cakes, fried, stuffed, in tempura or as a sauce for pasta. The sweet, delicate flavor, superior to that of zucchini common, allows you to be able to consume, particularly raw, topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Its sweetness comes from its species, that of the pumpkin. Its flowers then... large and of a bright yellow, they are delicious! Highly digestible, it has excellent quality, rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. Available at the Rural Market of Parma and Radda in Chianti.