From Albenga l & #8217; unmistakable violet asparagus

The violet asparagus is unmistakable: deep purple color gradient towards the base, presents shoots (the delicious sprouts) medium-large with tightly closed buds. Less fibrous of "gentlemen", has a delicate flavor and slightly sweet. The color depends on its genetic characteristics: it has 40 chromosomes rather than 20, as all other asparagus, and for these reasons it is impossible to make a cross with other varieties: the result would be "sons" completely sterile and therefore the end of the species. Is a medium-late maturing variety of asparagus with little productivity per hectare is a limited production. And it is in the plain of Albenga with its alluvial soils, which finds the specific characteristics for its cultivation (full manual), thanks to the deep sandy layer slimy and even to the microclimate. Requires constant care and a proven technology for the collection. This is also why his production was gradually abandoned. In the 1930s this variety was cultivated on more than 300 hectares in the 1970s less than half and now is focused on fewer than 10. "In our family," says Silvia Parodi who in the small farming town of Campochiesa d'albenga leads the farm The Collar with her husband Marco – we grow asparagus since the early 1950s. Vegetable asparagus is low in calories and sodium and poor, due to the high content of minerals, are extremely diuretics. Have an outstanding vitamin profile and a high content of iron, calcium and phosphorus. Being rich in fiber can be a valuable ally against constipation. To enjoy them fully you should cook them with simplicity, without covering its inimitable taste and smell: better boil shortly and dress them with an excellent extra virgin olive oil: really great too! It matched well even at very delicate foods: fish steamed, baked, poultry or refined sauces. Where to find them? The Rural Market of Parma.