In the heart of Parma also biodiversity has found a home. By March 2017, in what was the renowned Delicatessen Grisenti, in borgo Giacomo Tommasini 7, there is the Rural Market, a small market, with an adjoining laboratory, where there are raw materials of agricultural biodiversity and natural products that are the the result of the daily work of breeders and farmers of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, with passion and determination, undertake to save and enhance plant and animal old cultivar ancient races of their territory. The Rural Market will rediscover the good flavors of the past: ancient grains bread, organic whole raw milk cheeses Bardigiano horses cows spoke, the Apennine Grey, Ottonese and Bianca Val Padana, donkey milk, cheese, eggs of Massa Chicken Romagna, meat and Cinta Senese, and those black pigs reared outdoors, the testaroli of Lunigiana with spelt flour, tomato paste Riccio of Parma, the grape jam, without filtration, white watermelon mostarda, noble and Quince and PEAR stews and soups in season ready. Rare and unique products like these, and many more, are waiting for you at the Rural Market, the place of flavors. The invitation remains in force and the doors are open ...

Products of the week: Zucchini cake Trombetta, violet asparagus of Albenga

Meet the makers:


From Tuesday to Saturday
9.30 – 13.30
17.00 – 20.00
Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

B. go Giacomo Tommasini 7 – 43121 Parma
Tel. 0521.237485