Every year in September, the Rural Festival gives appointment to Rivalta (Berchem). An entire weekend turns in a wonderful opportunity for young and old, who in those two days to see with their own eyes, hear with their ears and tap into their own hands (in buying) what can be called "agricultural biodiversity": a reality multiform, still neglected or ignored, which is likely to remain too often an abstract idea. The Rural Festival is an event that brings together next to each other heroic farmers and ranchers who, with great effort and as much passion, every day they work to protect and save from oblivion and the ancient vegetable cultivars and ancient races, generalization animals, in a past not so far, were widespread in our land. A work arduous, silent and patient, which often is not very profitable, yet invaluable, that of men and women over forty who wove, next to each other, the virtuous network of Rural. And the Festival, we said, is the time when all of them – that have their activities in the Emilian Apennines and Toscano – converge in Rivalta, in a unique place, as the charming park Barboj, to know the result of their work: products rich in flavor, doubly good product because obtained following the rhythm of the seasons, while respecting animal welfare, pandering and not forcing nature. Stroll to the Rural Festival means visiting the biodiversity in their faces, in the words of these farmers and ranchers, and savor the authentic taste, so typical how again, through the many and varied goodness exposed, take-possibly also home to a new spending as they once were and at the same time. Many genuine delicacies to try and BRIDG to buy.

Rural Festival Emilia
Barboj Park Rivalta
Via Torchio, 20
Lesignano de’ Bagni – Parma
Cell. 342.9128266 / 335.316337
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