Our commitment is to recover and protect with passion the ancient native plant varieties and animal breeds abandoned for decades and nearly extinct. For us biodiversity means rediscovering a role as active subjects of a project of restoration and enhancement of a world to protect and preserve for future generations.

    • Roberto Mattioli, Rural guide

      An environmental Guide, who organises visits with tents and jeeps to get to know the work of Rural farmers and growers.
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    • Fabio Bertolucci, Canoàra Bakery, Casola

      The Madani di Casola is brewed with wheat flour of the miracle, chestnut flour of varieties Carpanese, Punticosa, Mahmouds and a small amount of potato Somethings.

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    • Dairy Montanina, Rivalta, Parma

      At the natural park of Rivalta started the restoration project of the old and rare breeds of cattle, by their unique seasoned cheeses are obtained in milk Grotto.
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